Girls in Computing Competition Results

Stacy Tao , Rachel Hsu, Angela Hwang and Elysia Gao have been selected as semifinalists in the international Technovation mobile AP development competition.

You can watch their demo video of their ap – Safety Net  and pitch on you tube.

App Demo Video:

Video Pitch:

Technovation 2015

Clements UNICEF Donated to UNICEF Tap Water Project

CLEMENTS UNICEF was able to fundraise $453.53 for  the UNICEF Tap water project. Due to the devastating earthquakes near Nepal’s capital city of Kathmandu that has claimed more than 5,000 lives, the club members have matched the amount that was fundraised, doubling the total donation to $907.06 to support UNICEF’s mission to aid children in Nepal through these difficult times.

They are excited to continue working hard to help the less unfortunate children, in order to secure them a brighter future.


Friendly Reminder from the Sugar Land Police Department

A friendly reminder from the Sugar Land Police department.                       

The Sugar Land Police department would like to send out a friendly reminder about parking in and around Clements High school and the surrounding neighborhood streets.

There is no parking on Elkins during school zone hours.  The street is clearly marked with “No Parking” signs (with directional arrows). Please reference Texas traffic code 545.302 please link below for further information:

There are also “No on street parking on school days” signs on some of the streets adjacent to the school.  The hours of no parking on these particular streets are 8-9 am and 2-3 pm on school days.  Residents in the area can apply to get parking permits for themselves and/or their guests.  Please reference the city ordinance # 1314 link below for further information:

If you require parking permits within this area please contact the City of Sugar Land permits department at 281-275-2270 and ask for the Clements area parking permit.

There are only a few more weeks left of school and we want all students and residents to be safe.  Please adhere to the traffic laws in this area.  Sugar Land officers will be in the area monitoring for everyone’s safety.


8th Grade Football Welcome

We would like to invite any 2015 Freshman to Clements High School that are interested in Football on an Official Visit.  We will meet on May 27th at 5:00 in the Downstairs Lecture Hall.  Parents are invited also.  There will be a tour of the facilities and a question and answer session to answer any questions you may have.  We look forward to seeing you on May 27th.

Are you Moving Over the Summer?

Are you moving over the summer?  Whether you are moving and returning to Clements or moving and not returning to Clements next year, please contact the Registrar’s Office to let them know your plans for the 2015-2016 school year.  If you are leaving Clements, parents must sign withdrawal paperwork in order to have records sent to your new school. If you are staying at Clements, but moving to a different home, please bring an updated proof of residence to the Registrar’s Office so they can ensure that you continue to get any important school mail over the summer.

2015 National Merit Scholarship Finalists

Congratulations to the following students for being named a finalist in the 2015 Competition for National Merit Scholarships:

Robaa Al-Najar

Mohankrishna Bhadriraju

Aaron M. Chang

Anthony K. Chaveleh

Chung Hon Michael Cheng

Arpam Dutta

Pavan Mahima Chowdhry Ginjupalli

Edward Hu

Michelle S. Huang

Steven Y. Jiang

Kevin X. Jin

Tejas Kumar

Ethan W. Lau

Denise Lin

Pranay Nakirekanti

David Hansheng Nie

Kelsey A. Pownell

Jayen Jay Ram

Angeline Rao

Anish V. Rao

Riya Santra

Arjun M. Talpallikar

Austin Tang

Zachary H. Tu

Aaditya K. Venkateswaran

Shomik Verma

Anna C. Wang

Bowen Y. Wang

Joshua Yang

Jeffrey J. Zhang

Jing Han Zhang

Kevin W. Zhang

Philip F. Zhou