FFA Show Team Fair Results

The Clements FFA show team worked very hard this weekend as they showed their animals at the Fort Bend County Fair! The shows were very competitive and all the exhibitors did an excellent job raising and showing their livestock projects. The results of each show are listed below:

Pen of three Rabbits:

Madison Kent placed 13th and made the Premium Auction

Breann Bacot placed 24th and made the Freezer Sale

Other participants were Travis Zarske, Riley Haggerton, and Hannah Patterson.

Pictured:  Madison Kent

FFA Fair Results - Bunny


Will Mathis placed 5th in the medium weight AOB class

Travis Zarske placed 10th in the heavy weight AOB class

Pictured:  Travis Zarske

FFA Fair Results - Steer


Libby Wacha got 3rd place in class A with her Yorkshire

Marighney Hanzo placed 3rd in class B cross

Emma Hereford placed 1st in class A cross

Hannah Cole placed 9th in class C cross

Austin Begnaud placed 8th in class C cross

Will Mathis placed 1st in class C cross, got Grand Champion cross, and overall grand champion of the pig show!!

Pictured:  Will Mathis

FFA Fair Results - Pig



The lamb show took place on Tuesday night and we had one exhibitor in the race. Jason Goeke placed 15th in his class of heavy weight lambs. This class was extremely competitive and he did an excellent job raising and showing the lamb!

Pictured center:  Jason Goeke

Fair - Lamb

Congratulations to all of the exhibitors on a job well done!  They have all worked very hard to get their animals ready for the show.