PSAT/ACT Plan Testing and Seniors

October 15th – College and Career Readiness Day


On October 15th, high school students in Fort Bend ISD will participate in assessments that will assist them in preparing for college and/or a career.

  • 10th and 11th grade students will take the PSAT (pre-SAT) assessment.  You can find information about the PSAT here:  CHS Sophomores and Juniors have received a PSAT study guide and practice test from their English teachers.
  • 12th grade students will listen to a presentation on college and career readiness in the auditorium.

Students need to bring two #2 pencils and an approved calculator to the test on October 15th.

Types of calculators allowed include:
·         Four function
·         Scientific
·         Graphing calculator

Students may not use:
·         Pocket organizers
·         Laptops
·         Handheld electronic devices
·         Cell phone calculators
·         Calculators with a QWERTY keypad, with paper tape, that make noise, use a stylus or input device, or required an electrical outlet

See comprehensive list of allowed and not allowed calculators below:

Acceptable Calculators

Testing will begin at 7:30am.  Student Rosters with testing locations will be posted on the windows of the courtyard and library several days in advance of ALL testing.  CHS will be in testing mode the entire morning of October 15th, periods 1-4.  Students will be released to lunch and 5th period as usual once testing is complete and will attend 6th and 7th on a modified class schedule.