Orchestra Students Advance in All-State Competition

Congratulations to  25 of our orchestra students who were selected to area level auditions this past weekend (the most in our region).  They have now recorded their auditions for the state Prelims and Finals which will be judged on November 8 & 9.  We wish them luck in the final phase of the road to All-State.


Cher Liu                                 Eric Wang

Noel Shen                             Sergio Robert-Kim

David Nie                              Ryan Kelley

Eajer Toh                              Chris Gloyna

Becky Wang                         William Wang

Haisun Banh                        Felicia Invedy

Dana Zhang                         Allison Chang

Theresa Tian                        Han Hu

Helen He                               Nathaniel Zhang

David Zhou                          Sophia Lin

Nina Sun

Greg Tan

Tim Cheng

Kelsey Pownell

Byron Xu