All-State Orchestra Students Announced

Clements will be represented by 10 students at the 2015 TMEA All-State Clinic and Concert in February.  These students have been preparing music since last May, and have completed three audition phases in the selection process.  As All-State Orchestra members they represent the top 1% of all string players in the state of Texas!!!!

Congratulations to  these students:

Dana Zhang – Violin                       4th Year All-State

Cher Liu  – Violin                             3rd Year All-State

Becky Wang – Violin                      3rd Year All-State

David Nie – Violin                           2nd Year All-State

Eajer Toh – Violin                           2nd Year All-State

Noel Shen – Violin                          2nd Year All-State

Theresa Tian – Violin                     2nd Year All-State

Helen He – Violin                           2nd Year All-State

Sergio Robert-Kim – Viola              2nd Year All-State

Ryan Kelley – Viola                        1st Year All-State