Textbook Information for One Semester Courses

Students enrolled in a Fall one semester course should have returned their textbook to the Upstairs Library (Science side) by the end of the school day on December 19th.  One semester courses include Health, Government, Economics, Psychology, Human Geography and Professional Communication.  It is very important that your student returns their textbook as we need to have enough textbooks to distribute to the students enrolled in the course during the Spring semester.

Listed below is the timeline for one semester courses:

  • January 6th – Second Semester begins.  Please return any Fall one semester course textbooks to the Upstairs Library (Science Side).
  • January 7th – Textbooks will be distributed for one semester courses during the student’s class period.  If your student has not returned their textbook from the Fall one semester course, they will not be able to get their book for the Spring one semester course.
  • January 12th – Late fees will begin accruing for fall one semester course textbooks that have not been returned. Late fees will be $1.00 per book/per day up to a maximum of $20.00 per book.
  • Students who have dropped a course during the fall semester should return their textbook to the Upstairs Library (Science side).
  • Students who have lost a textbook should see Ms. Heiser in the bookroom or Attendance Office.