Academic Decathlon Headed for State Competiton

Clements Academic Decathlon Team won the regional championship again this year.  They will be headed to State at the end of February.

Congratulations to the following team members for their 1st place medal:

Henry Burgess, Albert Han, John Hattan, Helen He, Andi Liang, Galen Lytle, Anish Rao, Josh Tannous, and Anna Wang.

The following students won individual awards:

Henry Burgess – 3rd place overall score, 1stt place language and literature, 1st place economics, 1st place social science

Albert Han – 2nd place overall score, 1st place music, 1st place science, 1st place interview (perfect score!), 3rd place math, 3rd place social science

John Hattan – 2nd place economics, 2nd place social science

Andi Liang – 1st place overall score, 1st place language and literature, 1st place art, 1st place speech, 2nd place music, 2nd place science, 2nd place economics, 3rd place math, 1st place social science

Galen Lytle – 3rd place language and literature

Anish Rao – 1st place economics, 1st place interview (perfect score!), 2nd place math, 2nd place speech, 3rd place social science

Anna Wang – 3rd place music

Thanks go to John Damon for teaching them economics, Alan Brown for lang-lit help, and Nicole Kitagawa for their lucky calculators!