Clements Idol Talent Contest, February 20

Clements Idol, the annual fundraiser for CTV, is set for February 20th  at 7PM. in the auditorium. With different performances and performers than last year, it promises to be entertaining.

Contestants are:

Ya Sin Bennett

David Nie

Sam and Leland Durley

Miles Noser

Emma Millard

AJ Gonzalez

Maggie Zhang and Mary Parco

Jennica Shah, Eliana Ducay, and Bianca Tan

Natasha and Meghana Muppala

Zahrah Agha

Christopher Winters

Most of the performances are musical, however there will be one performance of a monologue from Hamlet.

Tickets are $5.00 per person.  Each person with a ticket will get one vote.  The ballot will be on the  back of the flyer/ticket handed to them at the door.  The funds will go towards better equipment for CTV.