Speech Team Members Headed to State Competition

Clements High School has 32 speech team members who have qualified for the Texas Forensic Association State Meet in El Paso.

This year the team has 41 qualifications. FBISD has a total of 72 TFA State qualifications (including those for Clements). Our students have done an outstanding job this year. With the other upperclassmen and novices following their lead, speech team has won a first place sweepstakes trophy at nearly every tournament this season.

Dr. Dupre is the guest speaker for TFA’s Breakfast of Champions that will be held the Sunday morning following the tournament. Of course, it is our state team’s hope to have CHS representatives there. I know our students will do their best to make all of you proud.

Congratulations to the following students who have qualified for the competition:

1.     Romic Aevaz
2.     Shayan Ali
3.     Mohammad Asif
4.     Melinda Ding
5.     Arpam Dutta
6.     Victor Fu
7.     Rebecca Gelfer
8.     Da Huang
9.     Steven Jiang
10.   Drew Kaul
11.   Ishaan Kurji
12.   Ethan Lau
13.   Nathan Lee
14.   Alan Lo
15.   Grant Lu
16.   Amy Ma
17.   Rahim Malik
18.   Alex Mao
19.   Uddhav Marwaha
20.   Michelle Ming
21.   Alex Mutammara
22.   Matthew Mutammara
23.   Samir Rahi
24.   Jacob Ruiz
25.   Riti Santra
26.   Riya Santra
27.   Samyukta Singh
28.   Arjun Talpallikar
29.   Felix Tan
30.   Austin Tang
31.   Joshua Yang
32.   Kevin Zhang