Academic Decathlon State Results

Our amazing Decathlon team excelled once again with a fantastic Top 10 finish at State (8th).  These kids continued to improve and push themselves and raised their team score from Region by a couple thousand points!

Congratulations to the following students:

Henry Burgess

Albert Han

John Hattan

Helen He

Andi Liang

Galen Lytle

Anish Rao

Joshua Tannous

Anna Wang


Here is a list of the medals and top place finishes from the state meet:

Albert Han- 1st in Science, 2nd in Math, 2nd in Speech; Clements Honors team top score

Helen He- 3rd in Science

Anish Rao- 1st in Speech, 5th in Math

Andi Liang- 2nd in Essay, 4th in Art, 5th in Language & Literature; Clements Scholastic team top score

Anna Wang- 3rd in Art, 5th in Language & Literature

Galen Lytle- 4th in Interview

Henry Burgess- Clements Varsity team top score