CHS Rodeo Art Worth $105,000

Rodeo results are official and CHS art is highly sought after from the Houston community! Congratulations to the following art students:

  • Linda Li: won “Grand Champion Quick Draw” – received a $1000.00 check for drawing the best live model portrait in 55 min. (also portrait artist of our beloved Mrs. Porter)
  • Stacy Tao: her old man painting auctioned for $10,000.00
  • Ethan Donart: his old Ford truck drawing auctioned for $35,000.00
  • Andy Wei: his old deteriorated wagon drawing auctioned for $59,000.00
  • That’s $105,000.000!!!

Also congratulations to the following recipients selected for the very elite & prestigious “Western Arts Academy” 4 week summer studies program at Schreiner University: (We are the only school with multiple winners!)

  • Stacy Tao
  • Andy Wei
  • Rachel He

WAA WORKSHOP:  To be eligible, a student must meet rigorous artistic and academic criteria after winning at a district Rodeo Art show. HLSR judge members personally interview selected applicants and review their art portfolios as part of the final selection process. The Western Art Academy Summer Workshop is a four-week program held in Kerrville, Texas under the direction of the Museum of Western Art and Schreiner University. Students study sculpture and oil painting with a focus on Western heritage as their subject matter. Students work with models and are taken on field trips for study. Workshop classes are conducted Monday through Saturday. Students stay in housing at Schreiner University.