Academic UIL District Spring Meet

Rangers won 2nd place at the UIL District Spring Meet. Our students won or placed in almost every contest and category.  Congratulations to the following students:

Computer Science: 1st place team

Jeffrey Zhang                    1st

Alexander Yang                2nd

Girishvar Venkat              3rd

Warren Wang                   4th

Calculator App:                 2nd place team

Kevin Zhang – 2nd

Shomik Verma – 3rd

Eric Li – 6th

Ross Trivisonno

Current Issues: 2nd place team (by 3 points)

Ali Zaidi –  2nd

Arsalan Afzal – 4th

Michelle Egbuna

Asad Engineer

Feature Writing

Sangeetha Puthigal – 3rd

Headline Writing

Claire Pan – 4th

Informative Speaking

Joshua Yang – 2nd

Arjun Talpallikar – 4th

Literary Criticism: 1st place team

Jinghan Zhang – 2nd

Steven Jiang – 3rd

Claire Pan

Sara Rufael

Lincoln Douglas Debate

Grant Lu – 2nd

Arjun Talpallikar – 3rd

Victor Fu – 4th

Mathematics:    1st place team

Girish  Venkat – 1st

Wilbur Li – 3rd

Steven Jiang – 4th

Eric Li – 5th

Number Sense: 2nd place team (by 6 points)

Angeline Rao – 2nd

Eric Li – 4th

Steven Jiang – 5th

Girish Venkat – 6th

Persuasive Speaking

Samir Rahi – 1st

Mohammad Asif – 6th

Ready Writing

Wilbur Li                               3rd

Jahnvi Jain                           6th

Science: 2nd place team

Michael Cheng – 5th

Pranay Nakirekanti

Wilbur Li

Eajer Toh

Christopher Hsu

Grant Lu

Social Studies: 2nd place team

Jefferson Ren – 1st

Linh-Thuy Le – 2nd   (Both winning on their essays)

Joy Zhu

Donovan Gionis

Spelling: 1st place team

Anna Wang – 2nd

Beryce Garcia – 4th

Jason Ancheta

Ross Trivisonno

Congratulations to these great students and also to their superb coaches:

Fred Steinkamp, Paul Shaffer, Lubna Lorena, Nancy Liscum, Renita Johnson, Alecia Hussey, Maria & Ricardo Garcia, Carolyn Ericson, Linda Carroll, Christine Badillo, and Rustin Buck.

On to Region!