FFA Judging Trip Results

Several of our FFA students traveled last week and participated in two judging contests where they represented Clements very well!  Their area contest is two weeks away… we wish them luck!

Congratulations to the following students:


Waco ( McLennan College Invitational Judging Contest)

3rd out of 105 teams

Jake Nuttall – 17th out of 388 contestants

Henry Liang- 19th out of 388

Emma Hereford-30th out of 388

Libby Wacha 49th out of 388

Tarleton Invitational

Floriculture- Individual contest only

Jake Nuttall – 6th out of 556 contestants

Emma Hereford-18th  out of 556

Libby Wacha 31 out of 556

Henry Liang- 112 out of 556



Veterinary Science

Waco ( McLennan College Invitational Judging Contest)

7th out of 110 teams

Sophia Ahmed 28th out of 471 contestants

Leslie Hwang- 34th of 471

Hannah Patterson- 34th of 471

Annaise Bonnila- 62 of 471

Rachel Goonan- 99thof 471

Tarleton Invational

Hannah Patterson- 3rd  of 754

Leslie Hwang- 32 of 754

Sophia Ahmed 40 out of 754 contestants

Annaise Bonnila- 82 of 754

Rachel Goonan- 116 of 754

Vet Science

Livestock Judging Team Results

Waco(McClennan College Invitational Judging contest)

6th place out of the 141 teams present

Individual Results

Julia Holley 9th out of 697 individuals

Hannah Cole 25th out of 697 individuals

Marighney Hanzo 119 out of 697 individuals

Adam Courvelle 341 out of 697 individuals

Jack Melson 352 out of 697 individuals

Tarleton Livestock Judging Team

Individual placings of 1134 total contestants

Julia Holley 135

Hannah Cole 166

Marighney Hanzo 315

Jack Melson 574

Adam Courvelle 695

Livestock Judging

Horse Judging

Waco: (McClennan College Invitational Judging contest)


Ashlynn Roth- 312  out of 955

Valentina Costa- 501 out of 528


Ashlynn Roth- 39th out of 955

Valentina Costa-249 out of 955

horse judging