JETS Regional Tournament Results

Over the weekend, the JETS represented Clements at the UT-Austin Science Olympiad Regional Tournament. We placed 2nd in sweepstakes, winning many medals. Each person on the team placed in at least one of their events.Congratulations to the following 28 students for their outstanding performance!

Clements A

Yi Chan

Kevin Chen

Regina Chen

Albert Han

Helen He

Angela Hwang

Alan Ji

Dhruva Karkada

Amy Ma

Joseph Palakapilly

Saarang Panchavati

Helen Xu

Michael Yu

Nathan Zheng

Fan Zhou

Clements B

Allison Chang

Boris Chu

Claire Dong

Indhu Gunda

David Huang

Tejas Kumar

Valerie Lim

Kevin Lin

Norman Zheng

Trisha Nag

Suvedh Srikanth

Stacy Tao

Michelle Zhu

Additionally, a special congratulations to the first place winners!

Bridge BuildingYi Chan & Kevin Chen

Chemistry LabKevin Chen & Joseph Palakapilly

Compound MachinesJoseph Palakapilly & Fan Zhou

ForensicsAngela Hwang & Helen Xu

FossilsAngela Hwang & Albert Han

Science WordDhruva Karkada & Saarang Panchavati

We’ve Got Your NumberNathan Zheng & Alan Ji

Also, special thanks to Norman Zheng for filling in a dropped spot only one week before the competition!

On to State on April 24th and 25th!