Clements High School FAQ

Does Clements High School have designated testing days?

Yes, in the chart below you can see the days that each department can give test on.  Tests alternate on even/odd days.  This applies to one day assessments only. Ongoing projects, papers, and presentations, are an exception to this campus procedure.

Even                  Odd

Math                 Science    

English              Social Studies

Electives          World Languages

Business          Fine Arts


When can I pull my student out of school? Students can be pulled out of class anytime during the day by the parent or guardian of record with the exception of ten minutes before the final bell. At 2:20 pm students will not be pulled from class due to the proximity to the final bell.

When are tutorials available to students? Each teacher on campus sets their own tutorial schedule. Each teacher offers a minimum of one hour of tutorials every week, at a minimum of twenty-minute blocks of time. Parents and students can check with individual teachers to verify tutorial times.

How do I best address a concern I have about my student? If you have a concern related to your student contact the teacher directly for a resolution of your concern. Should the resolution not be satisfactory please contact the department head for the department in question with your concern. If the department head cannot resolve your concern then please contact your student’s assistant principal.